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1. Promptness of RITES Regional Office in attending to P.O. & Call Registration.      
2. Response of Call Desk in attending to Telephonic enquiries.      
3. Response of Inspecting Engineer for conducting inspection, timely attention and provision of advance intimation.      
4. Behaviour of Inspecting Engineer with firm's representative during inspection and promptness in issue of inspection certificate.      
5. Response of Controlling Managers to Firm's queries.      
6. RITES Lab response time.      
7. Quality of Information available on RITES QA Division website ritesinsp.com.      
8. Promptness of RITES Finance Department in correction with Invoices/Bills/Receipts etc.      
9. Your overall experience with RITES QA Division, will you recommend others for RITES inspection.(250 Chars Maxm)
10. Suggestions for improvement in service. (250 Chars Maxm)
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