(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
Call Cancellelation Reasons

1) On visit to place of inspection by concerned IE, Call may be cancelled for following reasons:-

                 a) Material not found ready.

                 b) Drawings, specifications, P.O. not available.

             c) Lot of non-uniform quality and requires segregation before re-offering.

                d) Refusal to get samples tested in approved/RITES lab at your cost(If testing facilities are not available/approved or in case of any problem in approved facility).

2) Vendor could not arrange for inspection within 7 days of call inspite of personal contact/phone with your representative.

3) Material offered at premises where adequate room or light etc not available for proper sampling or inspecting.

4) Internal Inspection and test records incomplete/not as per contractual requirement.

5) Lead time required for completion of inspection (including laboratory investigation/testing time) is not available.

6) Other (As on explained by IE)


*  In case a call has been cancelled on vendor's account then future calls shall not be attended unless call cancellation charges as per the prevalent rates are made by vendors (Given in Miscellaneous Charges for Vendors).