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1. Response of RITES office in attending to priorities given by the Railways.      
2. Completion of inspections in time by RITES Inspecting Engineer.      
3. Quality of Inspections and Rejection Advices on RITES website for JI Registration.      
4. Ease of Registering of Rejection Advices on RITES website for JI Registration.      
5. Response of RITES in attending to Joint Inspection requests for Rejection Cases.      
6. Nature of Technical references sent by RITES and suggestions on improvement of material quality.      
7. Liaison by RITES officials with your office and their responsiveness.      
8. Quality of RITES website and dissemination of information for the clients.      
9. Accessibility of IC issued by RITES on IREPS portal.      
10. Responsiveness of the Inspection Engineer to queries raised by your office.      
11. Overall experience with RITES QA divison.      
12. Any other Comments/Suggestiong regarding functioning RITES QA system.(250 Chars Maxm)
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